What is Healing Guru

Healing guru traditionally was a recluse, very wise, intense meditation, ultimate calm and caring. They still exist of course in the east and in the western world is evolving a newly adapted version. Healers were born or early attracted to the simple life and it seems the healer of the future will eject from the path full of strange circumstances into anything but a simple life. Many of the time honored teachings will remain the same although much harder to pass on to the heavily indoctrinated masses of today.

In fact the western world is a strange place now that technology has prevailed.
where real communications between people are at an all time low despite communication equipment being one of the biggest industries. Where most get a life from observing others on a square box maybe with a nip of something relaxing to enhance the moment. Everyone has more “stuff” than they know what to do with and scramble madly to acquire more. Where everyone eats the so called foods that they know will damage their health because they taste good. Where healthcare is about managing sickness instead of curing it and with all this how could anybody possibly get stressed? So you can now picture how out of place is the traditional healing guru.

So the healer of tomorrow will not come from the pristine mountains and lakes, comfortably meditating, accumulating energy to touch away the problems of those afflicted who pass his way. Typically depicted as male in the past another bastion of heritage will flounder. The robes and sandals no longer aired for even ceremonial occasions the healer might now be a taxi driver or a tiler. I wont say who knows for there is a wealth of information available from that same network of communications which has destroyed the fabric of the traditional community in favor of individualism and independence.

This website is about the development of real healers of this new world who will daily contribute toward the betterment of health, wellbeing and relationships for those around them.They will have the strength, and trust in the natural way to back them up in their eternal non-compliance to the big money end of the health business. Survival and health of the Guru is essential while accumulation of possessions and decadent practices are the regular avoidances.