In The Now

healing today stems from the poor diets of most people. Food has become a passion almost a purpose in life. Much of our life seems to revolve around food. our meetings and gatherings are mostly over a meal. So when that meal consistently lacks nutrition, the body becomes weak and prone to sickness. This is all logical stuff. The nutrients in the soil are not renewed. Delivery and storage are reducing the quality, Cooking is overdone as a method of preparation. If you remember the science classes at school the application of heat changed the chemical combination of a substance into another. Chicken is still chicken but the minerals in the foods often go through changes that make them indigestible. They are in minute particles so we cannot see them but we do need them. The temperate climates are the worst hit with sickness as we use less calories in the creation of warmth. There is more waste fuel and we should eat more raw foods which are easier to digest. Then of course the processing of food and the proliferation of junk food ads to the problem. People generally are not active enough, drinking and smoking are high in proportion. The air is polluted, the water is poisoned with chemicals and we are bombarded with frequencies from all kinds of remote signal generators. Finally there is stress from almost every aspect of living kindly promoted by the media in the creation of wealth. One would think we have not got a chance but of course we can work at achieving an acceptable degree of health. There are people including myself who go year after year without getting sick.
So the modern day healer has to look at all these factors. Healers can specialize in one aspect or be helpful on different levels. Here we are speaking mainly of the one who can go all the way given the right circumstances and play a part in the total reversal of any health problem. remember of course that healing always comes from within. The patients body does all that. It just needs to be guided towards the right track and often given a little manipulation along the way. It is my belief that there is no condition which cannot be totally reversed given the right set of circumstances. I have seen the regenerative capacity of the human body and it is powerful.
So again getting back to the purpose of this website the concept has two elements. The person needing help for any condition and having a desire and determination to be free of the affliction and the healer who is the person with the knowledge and information available, an intuitive nature and the intent to assist the afflicted to the highest accepted level of health and restored ability to carry out and enjoy appropriate functions in life.
From this point the purpose is to identify and encourage the undiscovered ability and direction in a potential applicant. There are separate websites such as thehealerscourse .com which are being developed for the purpose of training or guidance. So we try to create an interest here with stories which will stir up interest and relate closely to incidents in peoples lives which are similar but have gone unnoticed in the past.


This is a massive list and will be added to regularly.

1 Nutrition. General, specific to each disease, specific to different types of activities including work, sport, rare atmosphere, detoxing, children, elderly, post operative and pregnancy.

2 Some basic physiology, muscle and bone group outlines where related to healing and details from a healers perspective about all illnesses eventually.

3 Mental issues and understanding including relationship improvement, gratitude, forgiveness etc.

4 Healing methods of most types including various forms of massage, energy healing, meridian healing methods and hundreds of other healing practices that work.

5 Supplements, vitamins and minerals, herbal medicines and functional additives as well as methods of preparation and ingestion.