Invitation To Join In

So this is actually a very beautiful moment. out of all the websites it is a very special moment to be able to invite you to join me as a healer. And to know that I have the resources to back up that invitation. Healing covers hundreds of aspects of health from all the different ailments to the methods of reversing them. And I can confidently say I would attempt to reverse any condition, given the right circumstances. You have read the pages by now and seen a very brief mention of many of the problems and it is now your moment of decision. You can go as far as you like through this course and your world will open up. Things will begin to happen which you did not dream of and all good. Your changing approach to life does involve giving. there is no question about that although you can be paid for your services once you have achieved certain levels in the course. Each group of subjects carries a certificate once you finish.
We do not specify the subject curriculum because every one is an individual and you will study and achieve at different paces. Some may not wish or need to cover certain subjects obligatory for others. To gain an understanding of healing and the ability of this site to convey this information you will read these pages first then go to twenty or thirty other websites from the same group and covering a wide spectrum of health related subjects. You will see or not see the quality of the knowledge and the confidence in the methods way better than any other non commercial website you will visit.
Then you will come back and make the decision.
There is no hard sell or fancy bonuses. This is for you or not for you.
Thank you for just getting to the point of reading this page.
To join in just go to the membership page.