The Future

The future
Previous pages have mentioned the differences between today and the past and the future will get harder for society and the healer. There are many factors which are escalating in the modification of conditions which humans have to factor into their direction towards health or sickness.

Food is the forerunner but we have already touched on that and elaboration will follow in the membership pages and other websites that we connect with.

Pollutants which we actually see as benefits and rush to bring the latest and best into our lives. For example I would never buy a new car as the new buyer is the one who enjoys the best and most powerful toxic fumes and substances. Not that the later buyers miss out totally but there is more to that story again in

Communications are the next biggest factor. Most of us live in free enterprise societies, which means we are brainwashed! Now that may sound a little severe but advertising repetition is clearly shown in all research to affect the conscious mind. Our understanding of what is good and what is not is clearly affected on a national and average scale. You may have avoided some or most of that but a simple little muscle testing trick will show you that many of the items and substances which you consciously considered safe are known to your subconscious as toxic or dangerous. Now that opens up a can of worms!!
Then communications set our understanding and attitude. Now there are still a lot of wonderful caring people in the world but one of the things that has come from constant exposure to advertising is an an expanded consciousness of our needs. The millions of things which we absolutely cannot do without. And sharing with a partner in most cases is not on, They must have their own!. Some things are impossible to live without or you will have to go through a life of misery without one. I am probably referring to something a little more fundamental than a Pamela Anderson stubby holder but if i am the salesman then that is exactly how I will present the product!
The fantastic communications which can join people every minute of the day are just amazing. So much so that the partner often rings or texts two or three times on the way home from work. Wow then walks in the door and straight to the television set without a word being said. Again I exaggerate but I have seen this exact scenario hundreds of times. So the breakdown in relationships is predictable and the milestone of one divorce for every two marriages was passed in most western nations a few years back. Along with that the desperation of children with quality adult contact missing. Love is the connector and it is being lost or at least converted into a glib utterance free with every advertisement for soap or tractors or anything for that matter.

So the poor old healer will have their hands busy in the future! Our take on the future is to extablish one or more health retreats as soon as we can in Philippines and Thailand then maybe other asian nations. These will ba budget health retreats so they are not meant for the rich although everyone is welcome. The retreats will include training for healers and the first candidates will be from the local population training for work in the retreat itself. Then a health restoration course for those who worry about their below average condition. Then we will run special courses to help sufferers to clear their autistic and diabetic conditions. So no limits healing and training! And yes there is no real limit to healing except what we establish ourselves.

The first such retreat is now open! I was going to say for business but fact is it is mostly charity and that is fine by us with a tiny bit of support here and there. Join the membership to find out about what is happening.