Was It Planned?

This is an interesting question and today we find a movement away from traditional religions. The youth of all countries are taught less and less about such things and the more electronic communications available, the more exposed is the fact that there are hundreds of different ways of following a higher being or a God and the differences are becoming exaggerated.
As a healer one must have some understanding of the human body and its complexities and the noticeable gap in the species between humans and the next highest form of living creature. Some races appear less capable mainly due to ages of simple life. Then as one or more of their number moves forward due to necessity we realise there is no difference. All humans basically have the same abilities, physically and mentally. Then there is a gap. Then we also look at the astounding regenerative capacity and health maintenance systems within the human body. It is hundreds of times greater than the average doctor or health practitioner believes or relies on for the reversal of disease. Some natural health practitioners get a glimpse of the light and the truth but often again it is only when the mind is opened to the range of healing practices which do work that the complexity of healing ability in the human body can be discovered. If you follow these pages in the fullness of time you will see things happening which you could not have believed.
So all this leads to the existence of a higher being and while I have my views, it would not be right to make this site a field of discussion on religious preferences. The understanding that the God in me honors the God in you suits the purpose and has been adopted for the purpose of all discussion relating to a Higher being.
So for the purpose of discussion also prayer from any source is recognized as a healing energy in its own right.
So was it planned and the answer is of course it was incorporated into the evolution or creation of the human species as it is today. There is actually a healing capacity beyond our wildest dreams. Many of us will not see that or certainly not on a day to day basis so healing today can occur comfortably using a combination of the known factors. This site will go on to elaborate in depth on that phenomenon.
Stay tuned!